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_Folded | Simon Marxen


FOLDed is a modern folding table, which is made in collaboration with Niels Astrup at www.nastrup.dk. FOLDed is easily folded up and carried using the rope, which is the most striking detail. The table is intended for the contemporary room with limited space.

FOLDed are manufactured in 17mm plywood made ​​of ash, with an 8mm rope which acts as handles. The legs are in both standing and folded position held in place by a magnet system that is hidden in the plywood.

The table is folded by using the rope in a simple procedure as seen in pictures below. By using the rope along with the effects of the strong magnets, the handling is achieved in a seamless workflow that can be handled by one person. One of FOLDed’s main details is that it can hang on the wall when not in use.

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