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_The Cloud | Simon Marxen

_The Cloud

In collaboration with Niels Astrup the following installation is one out of three conceptual drafts designed for the launch of the new Range Rover SUV 2012. The installations were presented with 3d renderings and an enclosed description of the ideas and aesthetics.The installations should not be seen as decisive designs but as the first step in an iterative collaboration. Unfortunately Range Rover decided not to use the concepts.

As a basis, this ideation works with the keywords of lightness, the environmental and the diffuse. The overall image of the concept is thougt as an illuminating object and partly unobtainable, making the Range Rover an object of dreams.

The concept uses a cloud of clear plastic tubes suspended from the ceiling to a position a few meters from the floor. Inside this cluster of tubes, patterns of selected autoparts from the Range Rover SUV are also made up of tubes. These parts can be quickly filled and emptied with an aluminium colored liquid, to create visualisations of the most notable parts of the car eg. the engine, the bodywork or other notable, easy recognisable parts.

By constantly hiding and unhiding important information or images in this blurry cloud of tubes, the installation will alternately shift between diffuse and very clear-cut aestetics and urge the user to examine the parts thoroughly leaving her with a dreamy image of the Range Rover SUV in mind. Thus giving the installation both a sense of lightness (the cloud) and strength (the sharp wireframe).

Hardware: Approx. 2 km of clear plastic tube ø20mm. Aluminium colored non stick and non drip liquid.Pumps or circulation pumps, to make the liquid travel fast through the tubes.

Lightsources, prefferably white LED to mount inside the cloud for illuminating effects.

Simon Marxen © 2011