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_Air | Simon Marxen


In collaboration with Niels Astrup the following installation is one out of three conceptual drafts designed for the launch of the new Range Rover SUV 2012. The installations were presented with 3d renderings and an enclosed description of the ideas and aesthetics.The installations should not be seen as decisive designs but as the first step in an iterative collaboration. Unfortunately Range Rover decided not to use the concepts.

The third installation focuses on the con­cept of the lightness and luxury of the new Range Rower SUV and combines it with the strength and visual aesthetics of aluminium. The installation consists of a 10×16 matrix of 2 meter high glass tubes with a diameter of 60mm. Each tube is attached to a alu­minium platform which features an electric fan hidden under the tube. A polystyrene sphere is placed inside each tube just above the electrical fans. This construction allows the spheres to indiviually move vertically creating various low resolution images.

As the spheres rapid float into different positions the audience will experience an audio/visual abstraction of the Range Ro­ver SUV. The sound from the compressed air creates a car like humming and combi­ned with the low resolution images created by the spheres, the audience are able to interpret different images from various posi­tions around the installation.

Hardware160 glass/plastic tubes. 160 electrical fans or a compressor. One com­puter with attached Arduino boards for hardware control.

Simon Marxen © 2011