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_Janus On The Bridge | Simon Marxen

_Janus On The Bridge

Janus is the Roman God of beginnings. He is characterized by his two faces that enable him to regard both the past and the future, what is behind and what lies ahead – at the same time. Janus’ dual-face thus symbolizes transition.

With his dual-vision, Janus must have wondered; surprised at people’s ignorance as to the future consequences of their present doings; but also contemplating people’s urge to set even the most banal events of the past in a poetic, grandiose or significant perspective.

When establishing a bridge between the past and the future, the centre of the bridge must be the unique position that engenders a vision in both directions. Like Janus’ dual-vision, the bridge enlightens us as to how even the seemingly most insignificant act has an impact – even e.g. walking in a certain place, sitting down to rest, or choosing one direction rather than another.

In the past, represented by the one end of the bridge, the world passes by unaware that even the slightest motion or act will create echoes and have consequences. Five concealed sensors will register everyday doings and events and send them into the future.

The other end of the bridge represents the entrance into the future, where you witness the consequences of past doings and event. On the monitor, you may read a story with no beginning and no end; a story that evolves concurrently with the past changing; a story painted in grandiose strokes, attempting to render coherence and meaning to the past.

Janus On The Bridge is made in collaboration with Martin Pedersen, Boris Hansen and Pia Jensen.


Simon Marxen © 2011