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_Flexfloor | Simon Marxen


This is the changeable floor installation I made at my semester at Aarhus School of Architecture. The installations main focus is changeability which makes the usage of the system very adaptable. It’s intended for a new cross-curricular room where four different clubs is to be united: boy/girl schouts, juniorchess, drum lessons and theatre. The installation is meant for tweens (kids between 8-12 years). The installation is designed to inspire and be a gathering point in the context. It should be as a catalyst for insight crosswise the clubs.



The units are painted in five different colors which is inspired by the changeable colors in the nature. A lot of them is also painted with a black paint that makes writing on them possible. All units are furthermore made magnetic.




The units are all equipped with suction discs which can be activated with the key. Turn 180 degrees right to lock your construction and turn 180 degrees left to open it again.




Simon Marxen © 2011